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Bamboo Massage

Featured Offering: Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils are chosen at beginning of session depending on the session goals. Pure and organic, these highly concentrated oils are mixed with our base oil/cream and applied to the body for long lasting results.

55 Minutes - $60



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raindrop treatment oils

Featured Specialty: Raindrop Treatment

Combines aromatherapy and massage techniques to bring about a balancing in the body. This session relaxes and invigorates through the power of essential oils and is a bit more powerful than the regular aromatherapy massage.

60 Minutes - $70


90 Minutes - $100

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Inner Peace Massage and Body Studio
9000 Rogers Ave, Suite B
AR, 72903, US
P: (479) 452-7977


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I've been here several times. Elizabeth is wonderful, and not just because she has an awesome name :). In all...

Posted by Elizabeth Holder on Monday, June 23, 2014


Since the inception of Inner Peace Massage and Body Studio in 2006, my goal has been to offer a place of solitude away from our busy lives. We live in a world of stress and uncertainty. I like to offer my clients an escape, a chance to decompress and manage their stress. A peaceful mind and a pain free body is my ultimate goal for YOU!