30 Minutes: $50

Short on time? Great targeted therapy for sore and overused muscles. Perfect on a lunch break to break up the day.

60 Minutes: $80

Designed to manage stress, relieve muscle tension and enhance wellness. Full Body massage utilizing light to moderate pressure.

90 Minutes: $110

When you desire the stress reducing qualities of the hour massage, but are in need of some serious pampering!

120 Minutes: $150

Melt into a state of tranquility during two hours of pampering and stress relief.


$60 — 40 minutes

The areas where you are most likely to feel stress are gently, firmly and rhythmically massaged until the tension melts away. This unique therapy combines physical and subtle massage with energy balancing to produce feelings of perfect peace and tranquility.

Performed while staying clothed and seated in chair.

Raindrop Treatment

$90 — 60 minutes
$120 — 90 minutes

Combines aromatherapy and massage techniques to bring about a balancing in the body. This session relaxes and invigorates through the power of essential oils and is a bit more powerful than the regular aromatherapy massage.

Aromatherapy Massage:

$85 — 60 minutes 
$115 — 90 minutes

Essential oils are chosen at beginning of session depending on the session goals. Pure and organic, these highly concentrated oils are mixed with our base oil/cream and applied to the body for long lasting results.

Prenatal Massage*:

$55 — 30 minutes
$80 — 60 minutes
$95 — 75 minutes

Mommy-to-be needs special care. Our prenatal massage addresses the most common areas of tension and discomfort. Table and pillow configurations are used to provide the most comfortable positioning during this time.

* Please request this session in 2nd or 3rd trimester only. We refrain from seeing women in 1st trimester.

Couples Massage*:

$160 — 60 minutes
$220 — 90 minutes

Allows two people to share the wonderful experience of massage together. Relax and de-stress during an hour of traditional Swedish massage.

*Please call ahead to schedule couples massage to ensure two massage therapists will be available.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

$55 — 30 minutes
$90 — 60 minutes
$120 — 90 minutes

Using advanced techniques to bring about change in the body. Useful in cases of overuse, recovery from past injury, chronic pain or referral from a medical professional. Some next day soreness may occur.

Barefoot Massage

$90 — 60 minutes
$120 — 90 minutes

This deep compression massage is ideal for the large muscle groups that typically hold trigger points and myofascial restrictions. Perfect balance of pressure and glide leaves you feeling renewed.

Hot Stone Therapy

$90 — 60 minutes
$120 — 90 minutes

A traditional practice of using stones at various temperatures to assist in the body’s self-healing mechanisms. An unforgettable experience that soothes the body and soul.


These options may be added to a service to provide additional benefit:

  • Hands and Feet - $60
  • Facial - $40
  • Body Scrub - $60
  • Hydrating Wraps - $60

#1 Bliss - $70

Samples of our most popular offerings in a mini-spa format. In just under an hour, you can experience an exfoliation for the back, hydrotherapy, and relaxing massage.

#2 Tranquility - $140

Escape from reality with the Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap, Traditional Massage and Refreshing Face Treatment.

#3 Inner Peace - $200

This is your passport to Inner Peace: Begin with an exfoliating body polish, hydrating wrap, and relaxing facial treatment …complete your journey with a 60 minute massage.

#4 Couples Getaway - $230

Enhance your one hour massages with special attention to either the face or feet.

#5 Massage/Facial Combo - $120

Enhance your one hour traditional Swedish massage with a cleanse, gentle exfoliation and masque, plus a steamed towel for the face.

Gift Certificates Make Perfect Gifts

Give the gift of relaxation to a deserving someone in your life, or plan ahead for self care and gift yourself with relaxation and pampering. Massage really is the perfect gift!